Travelers’ paradise, nature lovers’ paradise, honeymooners’ paradise, the ultimate leisure destination for fun seekers, and adventurers’ paradise in Kerala, Thekkady is one of the most scenic and adventurous places in Kerala. This stunning tourist destination in God’s Own Country is adorned by the enchanting Western Ghats, surrounded by the charm of spice plantations, and caressed by captivating wildlife, and is the epitome of natural beauty.

While traveling to Thekkady’s scenic spots, one passes by quaint hill towns and soft slopes. The unending chain of hills with scented spice plantations is a delight for tourists. There are many picturesque towns in Thekkady that offer opportunities for trekking and mountain hiking, making this a dreamy place to fulfill all your travel dreams!

Nevertheless, with every season change, this gorgeous tourist town changes its color and becomes enchanted by the new set of changes in the environment. Once summer and the monsoon are over, winter comes to Thekkady and adds a distinct charm to the landscape. The temperature remains comfortable throughout the season, while clear skies and cool breezes enhance the experience and make this the right time to participate in wildlife safaris, sightseeing, village tours, and other activities.

A bus journey is actually the most cost-effective way to reach Thekkady, even though there is no airport or train station there. In addition, they are the most exciting means of reaching this scenic tourist destination and since Thekkady doesn’t have a train station, you can take a train to Kottayam Railway Station 114 kilometers from Thekkady. The nearest airports are Cochin International Airport located 190 kilometers away and Madurai Airport located 136 kilometers away.

Here’s a complete guide for all Thekkady admirers and lovers that can help you plan the most enjoyable Thekkady tour of your life and bring you closer to the overall aura and vibrancy.

  • Periyar National Park

This wildlife sanctuary is located in India’s western ghats, a famous biodiversity hotspot, and is one of the most popular places to visit in Thekkady, located high in the western ghats. With an area of 925 square kilometers, this wildlife sanctuary is renowned for its untouched beauty, Tiger Reserve, and extensive deciduous forest. Wild animals can be seen maneuvering in the expansive forest. Among its many adventure activities, the place offers jungle safaris, rafting, trekking, camping, and a whole range of other fun pursuits.

  • Peermade

There is nothing as pleasing and relaxing to the senses as the aroma of coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom, and other spices in Peermade, located at 950 meters above sea level.   

  • Pandikuzhi

Pandikuzhi, a tourist attraction located 5 km from Kumily, is one of the most recommended attractions in Thekkady. The majestic views, chilling streams, stunning flora and fauna, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls, and serene lakes of Pandikuzhi will enthrall you so much that you would like to revisit it over and over again, letting you enjoy quality time away from the hectic pace of urban life.

  • Chellarkovil

The village of Chellarkovil is 15 km from the Periyar National Park and is situated on the border between Tamil Nadu and Kerala, attracting visitors from all over the world. This region is 1200 kilometers above sea level and is famous for its scenic beauty, landscapes, mountains, and gushing waterfalls. There are small huts, watchtowers, pathways, and a treasure house of medicinal plants in this untouched natural region.

  • Annakara

There are beautiful long stretches of nature in abundance in Anakkara, a small plantation town that is 13 km from Thekkady. Visitors are charmed by the natural wonders that make it an exciting place to visit, and you can find fresh spices and handicrafts there as well. It won’t take more than half a day to discover the destination.

  • Ramakkalmedu

About 40km from Thekkady, Ramakkalmedu is one of the most gorgeous hill stations in the world. It is a popular tourist destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers. As one of the largest wind-blowing areas in Asia, Ramakkalmeduis a pleasant place all year round due to its captivating panoramic view of rolling hills dotted with windmills. In addition, the Statue of Kuravan and Kuruthihas an impressive 300-meter-high pillar-like structure that provides a unique vantage point, along with coffee plantations, cardamom fields, etc.

  • Gavi

The ravishing beauty of Gavi coupled with its offbeat nature will make you feel special. Trekking in the tall hills of Thekkady is a fantastic way to experience Thekkady tourism’s magnanimity. Cool temperatures, deep valleys, and tranquil sights will captivate your senses and keep you here forever, and jeep safaris are the perfect alternative to hiking tours for those who don’t wish to explore the beauty of the quaint lands. The roads are plain and the travel is refreshing enough to add soulfulness to the overall trip.

  • Mullaperiyar Dam

At 2,890 feet above sea level, Mullaperiyar Dam is a masonry gravity dam in the Cardamom Hills. It is an ideal picnic spot to view the lush tiger reserve and the shimmering Periyar Lake, and the dam has scenic surroundings, which makes it an excellent place to visit in Thekkady.

  • Panchalimedu

A breathtaking viewpoint located near Thekkady at 2500 feet above sea level, it provides heartwarming views of the Idukki district and the magnificent hills covering it. Those who wish to embark on a trekking expedition will find it a fascinating place.

  • Parunthumpara

Parunthumpara, a trekking destination about 24 kilometers from Thekkady, is known for its eagle-shaped rock, which attracts hikers in search of adventure. In addition to trekking, the destination also offers a scenic view of the natural landscape that is filled with trees, waterfalls, and valleys.

  • Vandiperiyar

Located in the Idukki district of Kerala, Vandiperiyar is an exotic spice village that attracts nature enthusiasts as well as tourists alike to its mesmerizing beauty. Located near Thekkady, this charming town offers you the chance to see sprawling plantations, shimmering rivers, and cascading waterfalls, among other things. The Flower Garden and Government Agricultural Farm offer tourists a chance to discover the amazing beauty of the area.

  • Kurisumala

As a hiking paradise, Spring Valley Mountain, also known as Kurisumala, offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience nature up close. From its towering summit, which rests at 4,000 feet above sea level, you can get the most spectacular views of Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a tranquil place where one can relax and enjoy the serenity and stunning views.

  • Kumily

Thekkady may seem quaint and serene, but Kumily is a bustling trade center with an idyllic country vibe. It is widely known for its spice plantations, tea plantations, and lush surroundings, making it an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Aside from that, tourists as well as nature enthusiasts can enjoy activities like nature walks and tea plantation tours.

  • Mangala Devi Temple

There is no doubt that Idukki’sMangla Devi Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thekkady. It is located within the premises of the famous Periyar Tiger Reserve and is well surrounded by lush greenery with a view of the Eastern Ghats on the Tamil Nadu side.

The statue of Mangala Devi, known as Kannaki, represents a woman’s moral power, which makes it more of a place to admire Kerala’s natural beauty than to seek spiritual enlightenment. In addition, Mangala Devi is accessible once a year on the auspicious day of ChithiraPournami.

  • Ottakathalamedu

A popular trek in Thekkady is Ottakathalamedu, which is located about 4 km from Thekkady at an altitude of 1300 meters. This vantage point is situated on a hill that overlooks the surrounding mountains, Kumily town, the Periyar National Park, the spice garden, the Mangaladevi temple, and even the plains in neighboring Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, the best time to visit here is at night, when the stars can be seen in abundance.