There’s no denying that Kerala is a paradise on earth. Every aspect of the state is worth visiting, whether it’s its lush greenery or its serene backwaters, but what really makes it stand out is the famous Neelakurinji flowering season, which occurs once every 12 years and paints the town of Munnar in a beautiful blue hue.

An iconic flower of Munnar, the Neelakurinji or Kurinji, also known by its scientific name Strobilanthes Kunthiana, is a purplish blue flower, which blooms and usually grows between 1,300m and 2,400m in elevation, with its core habitat in Kottakamboor and Vattavada villages within Devikulam Taluk.
When the soil is amiable, the plant grows to a height of 180 cm in normal conditions and up to 30 cm in adverse conditions. During the receding monsoon season in Kerala, the Neelakurinji flowers bloom at their peak in August and September.
Neelakurinji is a species that flowers all at once within a period of twelve years, but its flowering period is synchronized. While each flower may bloom at a different time within a few days, they are generally prolific at the same time when they flower. When the Neelakurinji blooms, a magical aura surrounds the entire area.
Aside from its beautiful spread, Neelakurunji tends to have medicinal properties as well. In addition to its amazing spread, it has proven to be a powerful remedy against acute respiratory inflammation, stomach aches, rheumatism, bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections and also Anxiolytic, anti-diabetic, laxative, anti-cancer, diuretic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory properties.
The hill station of Munnar is a popular tourist destination in Kerala and is easily accessible. In addition to being easily accessible, it is also regarded as one of India’s most famous hill stations. Almost all major cities and towns in Kerala have a well-developed network of roads, as well as rail and air connections. The nearest major airport to Munnar is Cochin International Airport, 110 km away. The Angamaly railway station is 109 km away from the center of Kerala, whereas the Ernakulam railway station is 145 km away from the city.
Even though Neelakurinji Bloom is the main attraction, there are also numerous places in and around Munnar that are worth visiting as part of MunnarPackages, such as Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Lake, Anamudi Peak, Devikulam, Nyayamkad waterfalls, Peermedu, Thoovanam Falls, and Attukal Waterfalls, hiking trails, and picturesque tea gardens.
Munnar offers a variety of hillscapes that are beautifully embellished by flowers of all hues, but Munnar’sNeelakurinji Season, as mentioned earlier, is a phenomenon that occurs only once every 12 years and blooms in abundance, unlike anywhere else in the world. When you see the lush green valleys turn blue-purple as far as your eyes can see, it is a sight you can only imagine.
Amidst the verdant valleys, endless tea estates, and panoramic views of Munnar, every 12 years the Nilgiri mountain range of Munnar manifests an unusual phenomenon that can only be found here in this hill town of Kerala. There is nothing like seeing the entire Nilgiri mountains adorned with bluish-pink flowers, so make sure you visit Munnar with your friends and family as soon as possible and book Anic holidays for a memorable experience.